All fees are inclusive of VAT where applicable unless otherwise stated



All referencing will include ID verification and Proof of Residence, Landlord and Employer references where applicable and credit checks.

Due to new legislation the government requires all tenants to have a Rights To Rent check carried out.

Please be aware that one of the main reason that applications are declined, is through NON Disclosure, this means that either the information is totaly false or some important information has been left out, for example answering NO to "do you have any adverse credit" when a County Court Judgement(CCJ) or a bankruptcy is on your record, we also need three years residential address history either inside or outside the UK. 

Employment criteria

Employed - Employed status can be from day one of employment and requirements are 3 wage slips or contract of employment and conformation from employer when we contact them

Agency - Agency status needs to have either been with the same agency or employer for 6 months, requirements are 6 wage slips and confirmation from agency when we contact them

Self employed - You need to have been Self Employed for a minimum of 1 Year, requirements are 1 years accounts or 12 months proof of self employment income

Sub contracted - Although Sub contracted is self employment, we can accept 6 months on a sub contract with 6 months invoices and 6 months proof of income 

Retired - Retirement status can be from day one of retirement and requirements are proof of retirement income  




  • Standard Deposit is equivalent to 5 weeks Rent
  • Optional  Nill deposit insurance policy available on selected properties
  • House Share per Room deposit is £250
  • Holding deposit is eqivalent to 1 weeks rent